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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  April 20, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. time for great videos before they go viral, "right this minute." an armed robber grabs a store clerk and -- >> now holding her hostage. >> oh, no. >> what happens when the robber is not the only one with a gun. one mad cow stands her ground. >> angry. >> no wonder she's mad. >> what finally sent her over the edge. clothes are flying off the rack in a chick fight. >> check out the girl on the
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ground. >> why things are about to get real, nasty, that is. >> like wwe. >> yeah, pretty good. >> a cradle. >> and a pizza delivery guy is waiting for his money when a scary movie comes on. >> oh. heck no. >> see the prank with one surprise ending. >> shootout on the streets of brazil, all caught on camera, intense stuff here. this woman is walking into a clothing store, opening the store for the day in brazil. right behind her is this guy, on a motorcycle. he's there to rob the place. you can see he's got a gun. he parks his motorcycle broad daylight, tries getting in the door with no luck. he goes to kind of turn around and leave. he's met by a guy, looks like -- that guy is the store owner. >> he's got a gun. >> he's got a gun too. now they're in a gunfight in the middle of the street in public. he fires open the guy in the blue. the bad guy goes back in the store.
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breaks the window. goes in, gets the employee. grabs the woman. is holding her hostage. takes her out to the front. we have video from a bystander. a lot of posturing here. you see the guy is trying to hold his bike up, keeps the hostage close by. you see the woman carefully walks backwards and then she scurries to safety. looks like someone else grabs her. now just a standoff between the shop owner and the bad guy. and right here, i'm thinking, okay, he's clearly got his gun in his waistband. looks leak maybe he's surrendering. before he takes off, he takes his gun out one more time, here is where things get really tense. >> oh! >> is that the shop owner firing? >> yeah, you hear about four shots there. as guyett in tthe guy goes to te
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guy got away. doesn't appear he got away with money or merchandise. >> he had ample time to shoot that guy before he drove into traffic. >> he didn't want to though. clear that guy did not want to shoot this suspect. probably just trying to say, don't go anywhere, wait for police. if you leave, i'll shoot, right. probably trying to held him at bay until cops got there. but guy got away. >> this is horrifying for the woman involved, for the shop owner, for every single person who witnessed this. you don't recover from something like this very easily. >> not sure if the cause of the standoff is mad cow disease, but that cow is certainly pissed off. this is happening on a road in new zealand. a couple of guys come across this cow, trying to get her to move along. she chooses to stand her ground, posture, and taking aggressive stance. that's not a bull. >> that's a cow? >> that is a cow. >> grazing. >> not the mad cow disease so
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much as the mad cow defense. >> i agree. she's defending this road for whatever reason. she is saying you shall not pass. they give a couple of toots to the horn. and then it is just an eye to eye standoff. here is the million dollar question. >> i just wonder if she'll go over the bike or try to run through it. >> what about both? >> i can't believe she did it. i didn't think. i thought she was all show. >> this gal was pissed. ran through and over that quad. if you look, the other guy in the video headed for the hills. >> that guy turned into a little dot pretty quick, way out in the pasture. >> if he stayed put, they could use this time to exit, escape. >> no injuries to the guys but
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the quad suffered some damage. >> oh, man, the quad. this group of girls are not keeping it classy at this forever 21 in california. [ bleep ]. >> they have this girl on the ground, someone is grabbing her by her weave, it looks like. this poor blonde girl who looks like she work at the store is screaming at them. back off, to get out of hadder store. no one is listening to her. >> get out of my store. >> one girl lost her weave and her -- >> that's not slowing her down at all. she's down on the other four girls, looks like she's punching away as someone else has her by the hair again. check out this move, though, by the girl on the ground, against the girl in her bra. >> oh! >> she leans over the girl on the ground, somehow that girl manages to get her and slam her on the ground.
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>> that was like a wwe move right there. >> that was pretty good. >> a cradle. i feel bad for the worker girl. she is by herself, a mob of people, she's trying to keep the peace, but what is she supposed to do. she's one girl. >> you do see security hing eve the way. it seems like they get control of the situation. >> are you kidding? >> you see there is a little girl witnessing all of this. and she's in the middle of the action. not sure why that girl didn't take her out of there. >> this video was posted by a group called crazy russians. we learned russians are crazy, especially the young folks, because they like to climb high bridges, thigh towers. they climbed everything in russia, so they have gone to dubai and they climbed, they say, all the high buildings there. there you see them without any
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protection from a fall or anything like that. up there with backpacks and cameras. >> they're at the top of this -- like the smokestack. looks like they're in a rocket, on a launchpad. what is that thing in. >> just climbing very tall buildings in dubai. one of them is nearly 1360 feet high. they're very, very high up in the air. again, nothing to keep them from falling. just their strength, backpacking. >> and wearing sandals. >> snap. >> i would have taken one little tiny harness. the shots they're getting are pretty spectacular. but we go from extremely high to extremely short. i want you it look at the world's shortest elevator. watch where this guy is getting on the elevator. watch where the elevator is. right up here at the top of the steps, okay? this guy, no way. >> watch where he walks out. >> has to be like three feet.
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>> like one big step. if you're in a wheelchair, though, even that little distance is an issue. so that's why the elevator is there. >> there is no ramp, yes. >> elevator has to go up a couple of floors above too, right? >> or the designer has a good sense of humor. >> what do they call that on the inside? i want to see the -- >> half a floor, quarter of a floor. >> a teenager gets stuck in a baby swing. >> probably said, i wonder how i get in this thing. >> and why it is all fun and games until the bolt cutters arrive. and the cops check the driver's license. that's not all the officer wants to check for. the public service that is way beyond the call of duty. >> good thing he had gloves on, you know? avavo:o: t thihis s isis m . this is megan's gym. for thosose e whwho o bebe serious exercise dodoesesn'n't t hahaveve t to o. onone e a a daday y wowomamans with key nutirents lilikeke c calalciciumum a andn. alall l ththe e fufun n ofof s a complete multivitamin.
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i have a feeling the babies and small children of the town of frume in somerset, england, are upset with a guy named shawn disdale. shawn found himself stuck in the baby's swing at a park. he was passing along with teenage friends. shawn is 17. they sat down to have a smoke and he slipped into this baby chair. >> on purpose. >> yeah. >> wasn't just an accident.
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>> i cannot believe it. >> i just noticed this is one of the ones you put your legs through. not just a little kid seat. why would you try to get in that? >> they got a visit from the paramedics. >> you seriously -- >> i tried. >> he's standing up, trying to get out. he's wedged in that thing. i manuimagine it is pretty pain too. >> probably needs a stick of butter. >> ow. >> guess what, who comes next? why not the firemen? >> ow, ow, ow. >> they're trying to shimmy that swing down. nothing's working. >> how did you get in this? >> you see eventually they bust out the tools here, bolt cutters and all kinds of stuff. it took them 30 minutes to get shawn out of this thing. we don't actually see it because shawn's buddy's camera died at
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the last minute. looks like he's in a whole lot of pain at t last minute as they get himut of this thing. undid bolt, were out. they redid the bolt. maybe the angry mob of babies and small children can just kind of cool it for the time being. >> ow, ow, ow. monkey takes a selfie. ♪ >> two videos to show you guys. they're ballsy, but no laughing matter. guy getting pulled over. pretty routine. police officer asks for his license. guy hands it over. but that's not all. the officer wants to check for -- >> hey.
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>> reaches right in there. >> wow. >> takes his time, reaches in, because he is checking for testicular cancer. >> good thing he had gloves on. >> his hands were probably really cold. >> better the gloves than no gloves. >> unless you're at the mechanics shop, he does not wear any gloves and he does need to do all this checking. >> test under the hood, check the oil. >> these two very hysterical ads were put out by the testicular cancer canada organization to create consciousness about male health issues, in particular, testicular cancer and how all it takes is just a simple self-exam. >> which most guys do on the couch anyway. >> is that right? sit around with heir hands in their pants. this was founded by sharyl perry. her son adam in the tenth grade
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had a swollen testicle but was so embarrassed so he never said a word. he was diagnosed with cancer and seven months later he passed away because of it. she wants to use that as an opportunity to create awareness. and to remind people, no matter what your age is, to check yourself. >> it is called everest jump live because daredevils -- >> is going to climb to the top of mt. everest. while he's up there, 29,000 feet up, he's going to wing suit down. >> now the guys at base camp reveal details about the discovery channel's epic live event. >> we're going to catch it when he jumps off. >> and kids will be kids. these happen to be goat kids, can be a handful. why no handful is too much for this dog.
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anand d prp whwhitite e. act braces care.e. smsmilile e ststror. ononcece, , twtwicice, it's time for new seselslsune scscalalp . it worksks a at t ththee sosoururce with ththe e nunumbmberer oe ananti-itch medicine. plus soothing aloe for fast relief. seselslsunun b bluluee scscalalp itch. guys, there is a huge television event coming up on sunday, may 11th. all about a man in a mountain. the man who you're seeing in this video here, the mountain, mt. everest. >> not a little mounten. >> pretty important mountain. called everest jump live, going to be airing on the discovery channel, live on sunday, may 11th, 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. pacific. weather permitting. why? because he's going to climb to the top of mount everest. he's been up there many times
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before. while he's up there, he's going to wing suit down and it is all going to be live on tv. he's going to have cameras attached to his wing suit. we'll be able to watch this on the discovery channel. he has been up there before. he set a world record for the fastest assent of everest in 2008. took him nine and a half hour. no normally takes people three to four days. he's been mountaineering for 20 years, wing suit flying for eight years. now kyle martino and chris jacobs are going to be on the ground. we have got kyle and chris joining us "right this minute" to talk to us about this. >> we're going to catch jovi when he jumps off. >> tell us about how does a guy prepare for something like this. >> you have to be born a little bit crazy, first of all, i ink. lit jovi has been doinghis his youngest ever to summit all seven summits. he summited everest three times
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and is an experienced wing suitor. so i think he's been training for this event for -- ever since he got into alpine. >> the thing about jovi, though, that is interesting, he wants to see if he can combine the two most dangerous things you can ever do. the first being wing suiting. and the second being trying to summit everest. and why not just do it all the same weekend? >> the craziest thing about all of this is trying to jump off in his wing suit, it has never been attempted. there is no way for him to really know what it is going to be like. he's going to have to figure out things on the fly while he's up there that are basically things he's probably never run into while he's been doing something like this. >> what about you? are you going to stick to the bottom of the mountain? >> going to base camp will be a major challenge. nowhere near what jovi is getting ready to do. >> the focus is on jovi and this event that is going to happen on may 11th that is unprecedented. doubt if it will ever be attempted again. >> what happens if something goes wrong? >> nothing goes wrong on live
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television. >> due to the phenomenal research that both discovery and peacock productions have done, all bases are covered. >> good luck. we'll be watching live on sunday may 11th, 9:00 p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. pacific, weather permitting. >> don't you want to come with us? >> come on. >> yeah, right. kids can be rambunctious. these are goat kids. they can be a handful. according to the owner, in montreal, the most patient dog in the planet. look at the dog. i believe that's a great pyrenees, beautiful breed. she's like, okay, kid, climb on me. >> energy levels between these two energies because little goat kids are normally high strung. have all kinds of energy. this dog is the most chill dog. >> maybe it feels good, like they're getting a little massage, little goat feet. >> somewhere, somebody is paying a whole lot of money for a goat feet massage.
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these little kids, they want to do it. this goat likes to dance. wants to dance on the stage by itself. there are other goats, but this goat is like everybody clear the floor. when you see the move, you'll wonder what? you think you can dance. >> it is like a weird head banging kind of interpretive dance. >> or maybe just really wanted to stretch out its neck. >> this goat was doing the '80s hair bands girl, you know, with the long hair. and she gets, like, on the table and does this. >> a pizza delivery guy gets served a scary prank. >> oh, heck no. >> he thinks he's just going to give her the pizza, he's out of there. but the terrifying setup pays off. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry .
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i think i found a device about to explode on to the safety scene. just lit a fire. watch what is about to happen. >> what the -- >> explodes. the fire exploded. >> that is the fireball. this is changing the fire safety game this is like a fire extinguisher, except it opens up and extinguishing chemicals can put out the fire. so if a fire were to erupt in this building right now, the eli
4:56 pm
fireball can be tossed into the fire. it erupts within three seconds. and it will put the fire out. >> you throw it like a water balloon. >> could throw it look a water balloon or even better, you could install this where places where fires might happen, lea l kitchen or above your electrical box. they light the fire and all the extinguishing chemicals come out of this and put the fire out. >> firefighters could run into a burping building with all of these things. >> toss them in. >> it loves the bottle. ♪ >> hello. okay. yeah, i'll do it. >> as a pizza delivery person was difficult enough --
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>> hi. how much do i owe you? >> all right. if you want to give me a second, come in, i have to grab your money. you can take a seat. make yourself comfortable. >> are they allowed to do that? >> if you're a smart pizza delivery guy, you say, no thanks, i'll stay right here. >> i'll stay right here. just pay up. >> a movie starts playing on the tv that's already on. >> oh. >> heck no. >> ma'am? ma'am, you can have the pizza. >> he think he's just going to give her the pizza, he's out of there. before he can get out -- dude. the poor delivery man hands over his wallet. >> i didn't get a tip. what do you want me to do? i got my debit card, my license.
4:58 pm
>> i would be steam rolling through those people. >> dude, what's in that bag? >> they finally reveal this is all one big prank. but when they end up dumping on him was $500 in $1 bills. >> thank you! that's our show. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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now at 5:00 the dangers tonight for the warnings for people spending the holidays at bay area's beaches. authorities on the lert, security measures are now in place as pot smokers celebrating the 4/20. >> it means a lot to come back this year to cross the finish line >> we are in boston as thousands of people getting ready to run this year's marathon


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